Welcome to the singing lessons page.

Private singing lessons.

All singing lessons are taught in a supportive, creative and playful environment by our Head of Singing & Drama - Bo Garrigan. Our aim is to guide you towards achieving your goals. To build confidence, increase repertoire and overall teach you singing techniques that you can take away and apply, enabling you to sing in a healthy way.

In each lesson we will:

  • Develop tone and pitch. Work on breath control, posture, diction and general voice quality.
  • Acting skills. To enable you to engage with your audience by acting through song.
  • Build up your confidence and enhance your enjoyment of singing.
  • Unleash the voice within!!!

A half hour private lesson will cost £18.

Each private singing lesson is individually tailored to you!! Private singing lessons will include a voice warm up and preparation exercises, focusing on what your voice needs. Anything we learn in the lesson can be taken home and worked on outside of class. The more time you put in, the quicker the results!! We will work through material of your choice covering Musical Theatre, Pop/Rock, Contemporary and Jazz to a performance standard working on the musicality of the piece, character and staging. Anything we learn you can take home and practise and keep to put in your singing portfolio.